Their first original album, “Communicate”, generated over $30,000 in proceeds for the Columbus-based Nationwide Children’s Hospital after being on sale for sevearl months. It was recorded in 1987 at Musicol Studios located in Columbus, Ohio. All songs were written and produced by Officer Jeff Gillilan and his wife Mary Grace with the exception of 'The Key' which was written by Co -founder Officer Mike Wilson who later was promoted to Sergeant. Officer Rick Gillilan (bass & vocals) the other Co-founder of Hot Pursuit, thought of the idea to record an  album and donate all proceedings to a good cause. After running the idea past his band members, he approached then Chief of Police Dwight Joseph with the idea. The Chief approved and with his backing assigned the band to a special assignment to complete this task. The band was given three weeks to complete the album. Rick then approached his brother Jeff to come up with some original songs. One of the songs Jeff wrote along with his wife Mary was the title track "Communicate' which had an anti-drug message. After all the songs were completed the dates were set up for one week of rehearsal and two weeks was booked at Musicol to record. Looking back on this kind of recording schedule today, it would seem like an impossible task but the Hot Pursuiters did it and delivered the vinyl album on time. It should be noted that the album was pressed at Musicol which is still done today at the studio. Vinyl records as you well know have made a comeback for audiophiles. The drummer you hear on all of these tracks is retired Lt. Terry Timlin (a sergeant at the time) who was the original drummer for the band. Lt. Timlin was replaced by still active Officer Keith Ankrom who stayed with the band until they disbanded in 2001. Other members who contributed were Retired Officer Randy Moon (vocals, bass & keyboards),  Retired Officer Mike Wilson (vocals & guitar) and the lone civilian Mike Finks (keyboard & vocals). The album has long been out of print but some of the albums still do exist. The LP at the time was sold at the now closed Gold Circle stores here in Columbus. Some of the vinyl records have turned up on the internet for sale. One of the albums was donated to Bowling Green University's Music Library & Sound Recordings Archives. This is the largest collection of music and sound recordings in the world. In 2011 I recovered the original masters recordings from Musicol. The song selections you hear on this website were re-mastered at my private studio in all their pristine glory.  Looking back now and listening to all the songs, I am still wondering how we recorded all these tracks in two weeks and with one week of rehearsal. But it sure was a special event I was proud to be a part of. Retired Officer Jeff Gillilan 2016
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