Members & Support 1986 - 2001
Chief Dwight D Joesph 1940-2010 
Captain Bill Webb (Ret) Commander Larry Rod (Ret) Commander Stanley Partlow )Ret) Lt. Karl Tressel 1945-2017 Sgt. Bill Taylor (Ret) Sgt. Gerald Roundtree (Ret) Sgt Larry Deck (Ret)
Listed are the personnel who supervised or assisted Hot Pursuit while performing and recording. Also included are the Police Department’s Chain of Command in charge of the Unit during different time periods.
Deputy Chief Robert Kern (Ret)
Chief James G Jackson (Ret) 
Commander Walter Distelzweig (Ret as Chief)
Deputy Chief  Gary Thatcher (Ret)
Officer Pat Barr (Ret) Officer Tom Steckman (Ret) Ofiicer Tom Hayes 1949-2011 Officer Paul Callahan Dick Ankrom C.P.A. Gary Nahs Wayne Wilson Allen Spurbeck Jim Meyers John Freeman Jack Roach